Historically Active Organizations


Queers Against PinkWashing and Homonationalism

qapwah was an anti-zionist, anti-imperialist, anti-settler colonialist organization that aimed to both educate our communities about Israeli pinkwashing and homonationalism and provide solidarity resources. Though their focus was on Israel, they also examined the United States and other imperialist nations.

Website: qapwah.wordpress.com

Email: qapwah@gmail.com

image of QWAB logo

Queer Womyn at Berkeley

Queer Womyn at Berkeley was an open and safe space for meeting new friends, discussions, games, creativity, workshops, queer movies and outings around Berkeley and the Bay, for those who have ever, currently do, or ever will identify as Queer Womyn.

Email: queerwomynatberkeley@gmail.com

image of Trans*Action logo


Trans*Action was a student-run, collaborative organization that worked to increase equity, inclusion, and awareness of transgender and gender non-conforming identified students on campus and in the community.

Email: trans.actionberkeley@gmail.com
Website: http://trans-actionberkeley.tumblr.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TransAction-at-UC-Berkeley/548553431844792