The Intern Program is a fantastic way to get involved with QARC and the LGBTQ+ community here at Cal, especially for incoming students. The year-long program has a number of components, each designed to help interns develop different skills.

At weekly meetings, the Intern Coordinator and the interns lead educational presentations and workshops, and interns also use this time to develop leadership and project planning skills. Interns are also paired with QARC Board members, which provides an opportunity for interns to help with crucial day-to-day tasks as well as to shadow important meetings with administrative bodies like the ASUC, the Student Union, or the Chancellor. These partnerships are crucial ways for interns to develop leadership skills, learn administrative and institutional knowledge, and contribute to the resources and programming that QARC offers. Board members also help guide interns with their year-long final projects. Each intern is required to complete a final project which contributes to QARC programming, resources, or advocacy. Some examples are found below. These projects are lasting impacts on the LGBTQ+ community and can affect programming for years afterwards. Finally, interns are given the opportunity to go on a retreat, which serves as a place for bonding with the other interns and QARC Board as well as a chance to develop important skills. Interns are invaluable parts of QARC. They help plan and carry out vital programming and often develop leadership skills that enable them to become leaders of QT+ orgs and QARC Board.

Click on the image above to access the 2020-21 QARC intern application, or visit!


Previous intern projects


  • The UC Berkeley Queer Art and Fashion Show (now an annual event!)
  • Commissioned portraits of QT Historical figures
  • A panel of QT immigrants and refugees
  • A resource list for QT SSWANA students
  • Free HIV/Hepatitis C Testing, in collaboration with Berkeley Free Clinic
  • A large-scale mural for the QARC space
  • A virtual resource guide for QT+ students