What is QARC?

The Queer Alliance Resource Center (QARC) strives to transform UC Berkeley into a safe and affirming space for the trans, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer community. QARC empowers and enriches the experiences of LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, and staff at UC Berkeley through advocacy, service, and engagement.


In particular, QARC provides physical spaces, resources, community events, and advocacy for queer and trans students on campus. For more info about what we do, click here!

Where is QARC?

QARC is currently based out of the Cecilia Chung Resource Center (CCRC) and Marsha P. Johnson Lounge (MPJ Lounge), both ADA accessible rooms located on the fourth floor of the Martin Luther King Jr Student Union. Please respect that the Marsha P. Johnson Lounge is dedicated to creating a safe space for queer and trans students of color.


As the Fall 2020 semester is now virtual, QARC plans on hosting virtual spaces for queer & trans folks to meet and hang out. Check back later for more updates!


For more information about our physical spaces, click here!

How can I get involved with QARC?

There are a lot of ways that you can get involved with QARC and the work that we do! Here are just a few:


You can also work with QARC as a member of one of our 19+ affiliated orgs! To learn more about our affiliated QT orgs on campus, click here.


If you have any other questions or just want to learn more about getting involved with QARC, feel free to email us at board@ucbqarc.org

What events / programs are there?

QARC hosts regular community programming! For more information on upcoming events, check out this page and be sure to follow us on our social media 🙂

What other QT orgs are there? / How do I join other QT orgs on campus?

QARC acts as the umbrella organization for 19+ QT student orgs on campus, each of which serves specific intersections of LGBTQ+ identity with other identities, academic/career goals, and interests!


To learn more about our affiliated QT orgs and to find one that interests you, click here 🙂

How do I get into contact with QARC for ___?

  • Leadership development:
    • Please contact our Board Director at internal@ucbqarc.org
  • QARC and bridges Multicultural Resource Center’s fight to secure a permanent space on campus
    • Please contact our External Director at external@ucbqarc.org
  • Room/equipment reservations, safety, CCRC/MPJ resources and volunteers, unlocking doors
    • Please contact our Operations Coordinator at operations@ucbqarc.org
  • Funding requests & partnerships
    • Please contact our Finance Director at finance@ucbqarc.org
  • Unsure?
    • Contact us at board@ucbqarc.org