Our Mission Statement


The Queer Alliance Resource Center strives to transform UC Berkeley into a safe and affirming space for the trans, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer community. QARC empowers and enriches the experiences of LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, and staff at UC Berkeley through advocacy, service, and engagement.

Our Goals


  1. Unite the queer & trans community and allies by promoting queer programming for an active and involved queer community at Berkeley.
  2. Build bridges and coalitions across the different queer organizations on campus while providing financial support for social, educational, safe sex, and health-and-wellness-related programming for the queer community.
  3. Maintain and run a physical space for the queer & trans community at UC Berkeley. Our spaces shall be maintained as a safe and brave space for all UC Berkeley queer & trans students, faculty, staff, & allies, a space to hold QARC General and Board meetings, and a space for other queer groups to meet.
  4. Create programming to assist in community and social development among queer & trans students at UC Berkeley.
  5. Provide and make accessible academic, health & wellness, and other general resources to the queer & trans community at UC Berkeley.

Our Focus Areas



QARC provides academic, health & wellness, and other general resources for the QT community.

We also maintain physical spaces on campus for the queer & trans community.



QARC supports 19 student organizations serving specific intersections of LGBTQ+ identity with other identities, academic/career goals, and interests.

We also host regular programming for the queer/trans community, and maintain connections with other non-QT focused student orgs & campus partners.



QARC negotiates with campus administration, responds to intolerance within the campus community, and expands institutional support for LGBTQ+ students.