QARC Board Structure


At the end of every school year, the board of the Queer Alliance Resource Center is elected by leadership of all of our affiliate QT organizations.


Internal Director – Manages our relations with coalition organizations, such as Bridges and the Multicultural Community Center. Also works with the External Director on advocacy, as well as facilitates our biweekly QT Caucus meetings

External Director – Advocates for the queer community and funding

Operations – Maintains our spaces and resources in the Cecilia Chung Resource Center and Marsha P. Johnson Lounge on the fourth floor 

Programming – Plans and runs general QT community events, and collaborates with other orgs on QT events

Community Development – []

Finance – The Finance Coordinator is the point person for the community should an organization have questions about creating a budget, applying for AAVP grants, or about getting reimbursed for an event. They maintian financial transparency of QARC’s budget within the QT community, and also organize funding for QARC space supplies, QARC’s programming/events, other queer organizations’ programming/events and QARC intern projects.

Intern Coordinator – Conducts leadership development in QARC’s intern program


Internship Program

QARC runs a year-long intern program aimed at developing queer/trans leadership on campus, while giving interns a unique view of how QARC and other QT orgs operate. Biweekly meetings with all the interns are aimed at developing leadership and programming skills, and on other weeks interns will meet and work directly with the Board Member they are partnered with on various projects and programming. All interns will also have the chance to work on their own individual projects, and QARC Board will help directly with this process as well. We’ll also have retreats and socials over the course of the year so that everyone in the program and on the board can get to know each other!

The aims of the intern program are to:

1) Develop QARC interns as QT leaders who can support and serve the LGBTQ+ community on campus and beyond.

2) Train QARC interns in the inner workings of QARC and queer advocacy and programming on campus, and to pass on organizing and institutional knowledge.

3) Build community among interns and board members.

4) Help each intern develop and execute a unique project that will give back to the queer community.


CCRC Volunteers
Our Volunteers keep our spaces open. If you are on campus, feel free to drop by our spaces on the 4th floor of MLK Student Union. If our doors are closed, please knock as there usually will be someone there!


Affiliate Organizations — QT Caucus

Bimonthly, the QARC Internal Director and leadership from our affiliated QT orgs meet to discuss ongoing programming & funding efforts, and to vote on direction of QARC as an organization. We welcome any queer/trans community members to sit in at QT Caucus, as well as non-affiliate organizations that serve queer/trans communities on campus. Please email board@ucbqarc for more information on when and where we meet.

QT Caucus is also where the queer/trans community slates people to run for the position of QT-Endorsed ASUC Senator, as well as where the queer/trans community elects each year’s new QARC Board.